Many deprived parents identify education as the aptitude of a healthier future for their children, but contend to send them to respectable schools as they are too comfortable. In fact, 80% of Indian kids go to state run schools where they often receive poor quality of education and come out with little confidence of competing with better privileged students later in life for jobs, college education or even in implementation their school education.

There is, thus, a crucial need to develop the resources at hand for these children and guide them to construct their skills and self-esteem. Child Sponsorship is a sole relationship amongst you and your supported child. When you become a CEDP Trust Sponsor, you will help a child break free from the controls of poverty and gift the child a future full of hope. It is also a connection that spreads to the child’s family and the public. For Rs. (———–) a month, you can make a long-lasting impact.

Steps to Sponsor their Education:

Step 1: Select a Child from our NGO

Step 2: Make a Commitment

  • Make a promise to change the life of a child in necessity and the child’s community through your regular aid.

Step 3: Send Your Contribution to our Trust or you can make a direct Payment at our office

Step 4: Enjoy the Relationship

  • Child Funding renovates the life of your sponsored child, their family and public… and, it transforms you!
  • Your support will offer a child in need with life’s fundamentals such as education, good drinking water, decent health care and admission to nourishing food.
  • Together, we can help shape a country free of poverty and provide a better future to our children.
  • You will also get tax release under Sec 80G of Income Tax Act!