CEDP Trust has an exclusive methodology to help youth make a more informed career choice.
The counsellor guides the student towards the course that invokes maximum interest in the student instead of being dictated by personal bias. The counsellor meets the student and takes them through the various courses available for them, the career graph that they would traverse, and gives them a realistic portrayal of the work and workplace to help them make informed choices.

CEDP invites parents of the students as well, to showcase demo of classroom sessions, tools & equipment to be used and apprises them about activities that shall take place. The parents are involved in the decision making process which eventually leads to regular attendance and reduction in the probability of dropouts

The Trust organizes Career Guidance Seminars in colleges, within the community, on a regular basis. Successful seminars have been conducted at colleges likeNazir College, Maluma Collegeand also with the collaboration of NGOs like Sahasee and World Vision counselling more than 1000 students.