As a part of our community outreach program CEDP Trust conducts health camps in disadvantaged neighborhoods regularly: independently as well as in collaboration with NGOs like SPARKS Foundation, Jana Pragati Centeretc. The aim of the camps is not just to provide health services but to create an environment where the whole community gets sensitized about health issues. The camps typically include interesting fun activities for the youth and children on health issues, counseling for adolescents, screening facilities and checkups like eye checkup, blood pressure check, full body checkup, ECG, blood testing, blood sugar measurements , dental checkups etc.

We have conducted more than 25 such camps and been able to reach 2500 beneficiaries.
One unique feature of the medical camps is that our nursing and DMLTstudents getan opportunity to be apart of the medical camps organized by hospitals like Asian Heart Hospital, Seven Hills and Balaji hospitals and learn on the field. Assisting in at least one of these medical camps is an important part of their training.