The Parent company – Council of Education and Development Program(CEDP) Skill Institute was formed in the year 2010, with a sole objective of providing improved quality of life to individuals and groups through apt training and education. Since then, the organization has strived to provide the most relevant training solutions to not only the metro and the mini-metro cities of the country, but to the most remote geographies so that the student communities at large can benefit from the knowledge gained from the education provided and enhance their employ-ability and therefore, employment opportunities.

Currently CEDP has 147 training and education centers across the country.

In the training and education space, CEDP provides training in the areas of Paramedical, Automotive, Hotel Management, Industrial Safety, Financial Accounting & Management, Civil Engineering and Management. Almost all of these programs are either associated with guaranteed internship and/or placement assistance. And most of these programs are mapped to certificate, diploma and degree level awards and recognition.

University Affiliations facilitated by CEDP provides institutions the much needed formal education mapping to different programs which are offered to students and corporate. Along with that, CEDP provides end to end support in promoting, coordinating, regulating and streamlining the entire affiliation activities to enable the training and education center to successfully execute the training programs.

Affiliations and Credentials