The CEDP Trust brings the same expertise and commitment to quality as the parent company CEDP Skill Institute and seeks to provide the underprivileged youth with skills enabling them to tackle ever-emerging economic challenges. We believe in empowering the marginalized by presenting them with economic opportunities through vocational skill training, promoting entrepreneurship and development of micro enterprises. Besides equipping men and women with essential skills and up-grading existing skill-sets, they are provided appropriate placement support, in tune with current market needs and demands.

The Trust has been working since 2013 as a not-for-profit organization with a firm commitment of working with students from the marginalized sections of the society and helping them lead a dignified and quality life.

CEDP Trust works mainly with deprived children and youth in the belief that each of us is a giver and receiver by turns and situation. The central value that energizes our work is the faith that we as individuals are altered when we give back to the public and environment from which we draw so abundantly.