I, Priya Vishwakaram, belong to a family who once could not even afford to have 2 meals a day. To add to our woes my father who was a sole financial provider my home was suddenly bedridden due to paralysis. We were too young to step out and start working. I really salute my mother because even in such dire situation, she did not deter and toiled for our education. One day when I went to the Church for my mass, our Father introduced to an Education Counsellor from an NGO called CEDP Trust.

This counsellor introduced us to various courses being provided by CEDP Trust like Automobile, Nursing, General Duty Assistant (GDA), Hotel Management and Medical Lab Technician. I always dreamed to be a doctor because of my dad’s illness. The helplessness motivated me to become a doctor but people around me always told me that dreaming big is sin as we are poor & unblessed. But my elder brother who used to work in day and study in night always motivated me and told me that our day will come. When I told him about this opportunity the CEDP Trust was providing for underprivileged children like us, he was very excited and took me to the centre at Mulund for further enquiry.

When the counsellor guided me the difference between the role of a Doctor and a Nurse, immediately I realised I actually wanted to be Nurse, because it is my passion to take care of elderly and fragile and interact with them throughout their treatment. I am a great listener, caring, sympathiser and hate to judge people. For me every patient is equal and I always try cheer them up because I believe kind gestures and prayers can be a great help to the healing process. I am really proud of myself because I’ve struggled to go day by day to reach where I am today. I am fiercely independent and in a position to feed my family. I genuinely thank Almighty for sending CEDP Trust’s Counsellor during my testing time and giving me ‘life turning opportunity.’

The duration of ‘Nursing Course’ was of 16 months wherein 4 months I did my theory and post that I was posted by the Trust in ‘Adhaar Hospital’ near my home for my ‘On-Job-Training.’ I was paid 1 thousand as stipend and at the same time I learned a ton in my internship. After successful completion of my OJT, I am now permanently placed in Adhaar Hospital by CEDP Trust. I feel blessed to be the part of CEDP Trust because a course where students pay in lakhs, I got it for free. Yes, you read it right.

Considering my weak financial background and my passion to do become a nurse was a decisive factor for them. I genuinely thanks to CEDP Family for believing in us and starting such noble institution that empowers the underprivileged youth. I request all the youth don’t let lack of money discourage you, dream big, prove your ambition and CEDP Trust will make your career.