Nafija Sayed Hasan, married, stays with her parents at Sewree, Mumbai.

Nafija’s husband is based out of Mumbai, doing petty job, but his earnings are not enough to meet the financial requirements of the day today life of Nafija and her small daughter. Even parents of Nafija are not financially sound to take care of her and her daughter.

Her father, a plumber by profession, is not able do job on regular basis due to his falling health. With each passing day managing financial affairs was getting tougher. Nafija’s siblings had to discontinue their studies due to financial reasons. Nafija a HSC pass-out, was worried with regards to her future, her daughter’s schooling and also about the condition of her family.

In the quest of doing something in order to help her and her parents, Nafija took job of hair-clip making at home, but that did not materialise as it would take much of her time and the reimbursement was very little.

After the failure of the hair-clip job, she was totally dejected and had lost the confidence. From a reliable source she got to know about CEDP trust and  various vocational courses that they impart to the students; how they help the students in placements and job search.

Nafija visited CEDP institute and inquired about various courses available.

After thorough counselling, the counsellors at CEDP guided her and advised her about DMLT. Even she had developed an inclination for the DMLT course.

She was not able to arrange for the course fee, she discuss this with the CEDP staff, after checking they found out that Nafija is financially weak. CEDP trust financed her course fee and admitted her for DMLT vocational course at one of the CEDP branches.

She took keen interest in the academics, she also got training in English spoken language and personality development, thus CEDP helped her to become an asset. Through the efforts of CEDP HR department, she got an opportunity as a lab technician as part of an on job training, she was paid a stipend of Rs.1000/-

She gave her hundred percent, observed things very carefully and paid full attention in her work, Soon she learned the techniques and qualities required to excel in her field.

After the on job training, she got a full time lab technician job, at Sairaj Hospital, by the efforts of HR department of CEDP. Her starting salary was Rs.9000.

Nafija a sincere and hardworking student is thankful to CEDP trust and the staff there for helping her in getting a decent and well paying job.

In future she wants to start her own pathology lab.

CEDP trust has helped many deserving people, trained them and then helped them in finding a suitable job by virtue of which they could live a decent life with dignity and could be in a position to help their family members as well.