For people living in social economic backwardness, life alone is a long struggle. There is constant struggle to make for the ends meet; forgoing other important and necessary things behind. Neha Ghankutkar belonging to one such family literally fought  all odds and emerged winner in the bargain.

Neha Ghankutkar, lives with her family at humble area in Sewri. Her Father works as a labour and mother is a house wife. Her brother is a student of SYBCOM. She had to give up her studies after 12th as her father could not afford educating both, Neha and her brother.

It was a tough decision for her, but realizing the predicament of her father she gave up her dreams of higher education. She was a firm believer that it’s only education which can change the fortune. She knew, if not for education, she cannot get a chance to uplift herself and family.

How to educate herself? From where to manage the resources? She was constantly thinking on this line. What small term course to enroll for that will help her to be self reliant and will make her a helping hand of her father in managing day to day affairs of the family.

She came across Centre for Development and Educational Program (CEDP). For Neha, CEDP was like a light of hope in the darkness. She visited the institute, where she got to know about different courses, which she can enroll for and later can earn a decent living.

After understanding all the available courses, she finally decided to opt for Diploma in Medical Lab Technician (DMLT) as a career option.

Arranging fee for the selected course was a big challenge for her. She explained her condition to the CEDP management, after scrutiny they found that Neha literally is in financial crunch. Thus the Trust wing of CEDP sponsored Neha for studying DMLT at their centre.

Neha Ghankutkar availed the maximum out of this. For her this was a chance, a platform to elevate herself and be a contributing hand towards her family. She gave 100 percent of her  and  mastered all the traits and etiquettes required to be successful in her career of choice. The course at CEDP  inculcated in her personality development, soft skills, better communication, people welfare, decision making etc. After successfully completing the course and the mandatory on field training, the HR department of the CEDP Skill Institute arranged a suitable placement for her.

Neha got a job at Nerulkar lab at Nana chowk (Grant Road), earning a decent monthly salary. She does her work with great interest and is satisfied with the development in her life.

With the amount she earns she not only takes good care of her but also of the other important needs of the family.

Like Neha there are many examples who have benefited from the mission of CEDP Trust, i.e. to educate, empower and employ those in need.