With the guidance and support from CEDP Trust in form of vocational training Sagar Kadu, son of a farmer, is now in a position  to shoulder the responsibility of his family and ease the burden of his father.

The situation of farmers is not hidden from us. Farmer’s suicide, failure of crop, and calamities both natural and manmade are among the several reasons that they are facing tough situations. In such a scenario how they manage the day to day activities and family responsibilities?

Sagar Kadu, the son of one such farmer has to give up his education so that he can do petty jobs and earn, to support his father in fulfilling the family obligations.

His aspiration was high but the amount which he used to earn was not sufficient enough to support the family expenses and education of his younger siblings. Though Sagar discontinued his education, he wanted his younger brother and sister to continue their studies. He realized that his village will not give him opportunity to earn through a stabilised and decent job, as his village is situated in the interiors of Maharashtra with very little development.

He started looking out for good earning options, but could not find one. One of his friends briefed him about the role and importance of skilled workers. He briefed him about the Centre for Education and program development (CEDP) Skill institute and how a course in vocation can come handy.

In the quest to change the situation of his and his family for good, he decided to try for the vocational course at CEDP. He explained the scenario to the counselor at CEDP, who shortlisted few course based on his interest and capability.

He opted to go for the course of automobile technician. With the financial crunch he and his family were going through, CEDP Skill Institute sponsored his education through their trust. The aim of CEDP Trust is to offer a vocational platform to the weaker section of the society to become economically independent.

His coaching in automobile mechanics and on the job training gave him a better future prospect. Sensing it as an opportunity Sagar Kadu took keen interest in the syllabus and upgraded himself from a lay worker to a skilled automobile technician.

He is done with his theory and now is working as a trainee at a motor service centre at Kasara, as on the job training. He is earning a stipend which is much more than what he used to earn while working in his village.

He is more than happy that he is able to send a substantial amount to his family. He is quite optimistic that by the virtue of this course and experience gained over a period of time, he will be in a position to something better for himself in the near future.