Success Stories

Dream big work hard and success will be yours!

I, Priya Vishwakaram, belong to a family who once could not even afford to have 2 meals a day. To add to our woes my father who was a sole financial provider my home was suddenly bedridden due

Inspiring story of a farmer’s son

Hello Everyone! My name is Kailash Shelake and I belong to a family where the main source livelihood is agriculture. My farmland lies in the most drought prone district of Maharashtra and by now

Nafija’s determination and timely support from CEDP trust helped her live a dignified life

Nafija Sayed Hasan, married, stays with her parents at Sewree, Mumbai. Nafija’s husband is based out of Mumbai, doing petty job, but his earnings are not enough to meet the financial requirements

Neha Ghankutkar achieved what she Dreamt despite limited means

For people living in social economic backwardness, life alone is a long struggle. There is constant struggle to make for the ends meet; forgoing other important and necessary things behind. Neha

Vocational course helped farmer’s son to see a new beginning

With the guidance and support from CEDP Trust in form of vocational training Sagar Kadu, son of a farmer, is now in a position  to shoulder the responsibility of his family and ease the burden of

Becoming Self Reliant Through Vocational Means

Presenting the story of Surekha Patil, single women who with the help of Centre for Education and Development Program Trust(CEDP) fulfilled her dream of becoming self reliant.   Hailing from

Vocational course transformed Krishna Dhansolkar from a struggler to a successful car mechanic

Introducing success story of Krishna, who from a ordinary lad, became a successful car mechanic; with the able support and guidance of Centre for Education and Development Program (CEDP) Trust.
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